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One quarter, three dimes

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2016-01-03 02:51:47
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Q: How do you make 55 cents with 4 coins?
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How to make 55 cents with 12 coins?

You will make 55 cents with 12 coins by using 5 pennies, 3 dimes, and 4 nickels.5 pennies, 3 dimes, and 4 nickels will make 55 cents with 12 coins.

How to make 55 cents with 15 coins?

To make 55 cents with 15 coins you will use 10 pennies, 1 quarter, and 4 nickles.

What 12 coins make 55 cents?

3 times 10 cents, 4 times 5 cents,5 times 1 cent

What has 4 coins and makes 55 cents?

One quarter, three dimes

What is 4 coins that equal to 55 cents?

3 dimes and a quarter dumb @$$

How do you make 84 cents with 9 coins?

2 quaters (50 cents), 3 dimes (30 cents), 4 pennies (4 cents) which is 9 coins

Can you make 25 cents with 9 coins?

Yes, you can make 25 cents with 9 coins by using 5 pennies and 4 nickels.

What 4 coins make 60 cents?

You can make 60 cents using the following coins: 3 quarters (25 cents each) 1 dime (10 cents) 1 nickel (5 cents) 1 penny (1 cent)Altogether these 4 coins add up to 60 cents.

What 7 coins can make 88 cents?

How can you make 88 cents

Is it possible to make 55 cents using two coins without using nickels?

The answer to the question as written is no. The smallest number would be 4 coins: 1 quarter, 4 dimesHowever the question isn't correctly written. It's a actually brain teaser that asks, "Can you make 55 cents using two coins if one of them is not a nickel?" The answer of course is a half dollar and a nickel - the half dollar is the coin that's not a nickel!

How to make 34 cents with 8 coins?

You will use 4 pennies, 2 nickles, and 2 dimes to make 34 cents with 8 coins.

How do you make sixty cents with eight coins?

4 dimes, 4 nickels

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