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It depends on the shape of the six pieces.

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Q: How do you make a 6 piece tangram into a rectangle?
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How do you make a 6 piece parallelogram tangram?

It's not possible!

What shape would 6 squares make?

A rectangle.

How do you make a trapezoid out of six pieces on tangrams?

How to make trapezium shape using the 6 pieces of tangram

How do you make two squares with 11 straws?

You take 6 and make a rectangle which is a square and take one of the 5 sticks break it in 2 to make 6 which you can make another square or rectangle easy

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How do you calculate the volume of rectangle hollow piece?

Measure the length and breadth of one face of the rectangle. Measure the thickness of the rectangle hollow piece. Multiply the length, breadth and thickness and this will give you the volume of the rectangular hollow piece in terms of cubic units. That is, if you measured the length, breadth and height in centimeters, the volume will be in cubic centimeters. Example: If the length of the piece is 10 cm, the breadth of the piece is 6 cm, and the thickness of the piece is 5 cm, the volume of the rectangular hollow piece is given by: 10 cm X 6 cm X 5 cm = 300 cubic cm or cm3

How many angles make up a rectangle?

5/6 + 3/4=

If the area of a rectangle is 48 and the length is 6 what is the width of the rectangle?

The width of the rectangle is 8. 48/6 = 8

What is the area of a rectangle built with 10 pieces of wood that are 6 ft long?

First we need to know how wide each piece of wood is.

How many rectangular pyramids can you make using these 5 shapes 4 triangles and 1 rectangle?

You can make 6

Where can I find a 7 piece patio set? has a 7 piece patio furniture set that seats 6 rectangle wrought iron and sling dining. and also have 7 piece paton furniture set to.

What is the area of a 16 by 6 rectangle?

The area of a 16 by 6 rectangle is 16*6 = 96 square units.

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