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Multiply them by 3.3recurring there isn't another answer

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Q: How do you make five sixes to equal exactly 100?
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How do you make 77 using five sixes?

77 = 66 + 66/6

How many sixes are equal to 42?

No amount of sixes is equal to anything else but 6 .Seven of them can be used to make 42, but theyhave to be added first.

How do you make three sixes equal 8?

I tried alot of ways, and i dont think its possible.

How can you make 6 6 6 6 equal 10?

yes it is possible to make 10 out of 4 sixes (66-6)/6=10

Can you use three sixes to make 20?


How can make five fives equal five?


What is 35 six?

35 sixes make 210.

How do you make 16 with six sixes?


Can you make five 5 equal 5?

5-5+5-5+5 equal to 5

What make two number two's equal five?

.5 after each of them.

How do you make six nines to equal exactly 100?

99 + (99 / 99) = 100

How do you make one and one-fourths equal to in improper fraction?

one and one-fourths is equal to five-fourths