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When you say surface of a prism this means the total amount of space on the outside of the prism. You have specified it to be a triangular prism, but taking the surface area of all prisms is the same process for all prisms.

When finding the surface area of a prism you always use this equation...

S.A. = (2 x Area of Prism Base) + (Height x Perimeter of Prism Base)

In a triangular prism the base would be a triangle. Therefore to find the area you have to do 0.5 x base of the triangle x height of the triangle. For the perimeter of the triangle just add the length of all the sides together. The height indicated in your S.A. = ... formula... is how tall the prism actually stands.

So since this prism is a triangular prism take the general surface area equation and put the correct triangular measurements into the general equation and you have this...

S.A. = [2 x 0.5 x (height) x (base)] + [Height x perimeter]

Here is the formula in word form.

The surface area of a triangular prism is equal to two multiplied by one half multiplied by the height of the traingular height multiplied by the triangular base compute this number and then add it to the product of the height of the prism times the perimeter of the triangular base.

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Q: How do you measure the surface of a triangular prism?
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the defnition of find the surface area of triangular prism and cylinder

What is an equation for a triangular prism that equals 375?

The answer depends on what measure - volume, surface area - equals 375.

What is the formula for finding the total surface area of a triangular prism?

Assume that a = apothem length of the triangular prism, b = base length of the triangular prism, and h = height of the triangular prism. The formulas to find the surface area is SA = ab + 3bh.

How do you find the surface area of an equilateral triangular prism?

To find the surface area of an equilateral triangular prism you take the area of the rectangular sides and the triangular bases and add them up and your done.

Is a triangular prism has the same surface area as a pyramid with a triangular base true or false?

False, the prism can be of any length.

Is the surface area of a triangular prism cubed?

Surface area is squared; volume is cubed.

What is the formula of surface area of the prism triangular?

2*area of triangular base + perimeter of triangle*length of prism.

How do you calculate the surface area of an equalaterial trinuglar based prism?

To calculate the surface area of the equilateral triangular-based prism, you need to calculate the area of the equilateral triangle and all the other sides of the prism. The total area of all the phases will give the total surface are of an equilateral triangular based prism.

Which is closest to the total surface of this right triangular prism?

48 cm2

What the surface area triangular prism 12cm 13cm 5cm?


Can you divide the surface area of a cube in half to get the surface area of a triangular prism?

Yes it is possible.

Is there a essayer why to do surface area of triangular prism?

A surface area would be vital for determining volume