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If the two numbers you are multiplying are both negatives, the answer will be a positive,

(two negatives make a positive).

If you multiply a negative and a positive the result willbe a negative,

(different symbols will result in negative.


So, if I can squeeze in here for a second and actually answer the question . . .

To multiply a negative number by another negative number, throw away both

negative signs, and proceed just as if both numbers were positive.

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Q: How do you multiply a negative times a negative?
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When you multiply negative times negative do you get negative or positive?


What happens when you times by a negative?

If you multiply by a negative you get a negative answer. A negative times a negative gives you a positive answer

How do you multiply a negative number by a negative number?

multiply the numbers together and the sign is positive , as a negative times a negative is a positive

Why negative times positive equals negative?

when you multiply something you increase the value. therefore, when you multiply a negative by a positive, you'll get a negative.

What will you get if you multiply a negative timepositivetive times a negative?

A positive number.

What is negative multiply positive?

negative yet negative times negative equals positive

Why does negative times negative give a positive result?

2 negatives equal a positive or if you multiply a negative by a positive it is larger negative if you multiply a negative and a negative it become positive because doing something negative times is getting bigger

How do you multiply with negative numbers?

If you are multiplying a negative number times a negative number, you multiply regularly but the answer in negative. If you are multipling 2 negatives, you multiply it regularly, again, but the answer is positive, and if u multiply 2 positives, obviously its a positive.

When you multiply a positive numder by a negative one what is the sign of the answer?

Positive times negative equals negative.

Is positive times positive negative?

A positive number times another positive number will give you a positive answer. If you multiply two negative numbers together, you will also have a positive answer. The only way to get a negative answer is if you multiply a positive by a negative.

When you multiply a positive number by a negative by a negative one what is the sign of the answer?

A negative times a positive is a negative and that negative times a negative would = a positive. So the answer would be a positive number. *<:)

How do you square negative numbers?

Multiply the number by its self and the answer will always be positive (negative times a negative is positive)