How do you multipy a fraction?

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you multipy a fraction by taking a number and mulitiply the same number to the numerator and denominator and get ur answer

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Q: How do you multipy a fraction?
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Related questions

How do i multipy a fraction by a mixed number?

By changing the mixed number into an improper fraction.

How do you find a common denominator of a fractions?

you multipy the smaller denomnater to equal the other fraction and multipy the numarter by the same number as the denomneter got multiplied by

How do you find the scale factor for a rectangle?

you make it into a fraction and multipy it by any giant one. then you have to REDUCE it

How do you make a mixed number to an improper fraction fraction?

multipy the whole number by the denometer, then add that number to your numerator. now that is your numerator and your denomater stays the same.

How do you change a decimial to a fraction?

let start woth 0.5 as we know 0.5 = 1/2 therefore think of the 0.5 as 0.5 / 1 multipy the top by a number to make it a whole number and then multipy the bottom by the same number

How do you multipy mixed numbers by mixed numbers?

Change each mixed fraction to an improper fraction. Do this by multiplying the denominator by the whole number next to the fraction and then adding the numerator to the product you get. Once you do this, multiply fractions normally.

How do you multipy a fraction with a mixed number?

Convert it into an improper fraction then multiply. Example: 1 1/2 * 3 3/4 is 3/2 * 15/4 = 45/8 or 5 5/8

How do you write 14.1 in a fraction?

if you want a mixed number, it is 14 and 1/10 if you want an improper fraction, it is 141/10, because to get it from a mixed number to an improper fraction you multipy the whole number by the denominator, the add that number to the numerator. hope i helped!!!!!!!! ~jaimelefrancais<3

What is multipy?

when you times a number

When doing area do you multipy?

yes you do

How do you multipy a numerator and a denominator with a number?

If you wish to multiply a fraction (numerator and denominator) by a number, you multiply the numerator by the number and leave the denominator as it was. For example, 2/3 * 4 = 8/3

How do you make an improper fraction to a simplified mixed number?

wat yhuh do is multipy 2 by 1 and add 4 and put the denometer back at the bottom and your answer is 6-2ex. 41 -2

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