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800 BC, 509 BC, 1493 AD, 1776 AD in that order.

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Q: How do you order these numbers on a timeline 1776ad 1492ad 800bc 509bc?
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How these numbers go in order 1776AD 1492AD 800BC 509BC?

In descending order: 1776AD 1492AD 509BC 800BC

Who ruled Romans?

From 753bc -509bc it was ruled by kings. 509bc-31bc it was ruled by a republic. 31bc-1453ad it was ruled by emperors.

When did the Romans kick out king Tarquin?


Why might Romans believe that 509bc represents the perfect moment in their history?

509BC was the date that the Romans ousted their last king and the Republic was formed.

When did the roman civilisation start?

753-509BC but no one knows the exact date

Why is 509bc important in roman history?

because the last king was driven into power answered by: SYD:P

Which people captured and ruled rome from 600bc to 509bc?

The Etruscans.The Etruscans.The Etruscans.The Etruscans.The Etruscans.The Etruscans.The Etruscans.The Etruscans.The Etruscans.

What type of government did the Romans create in 509bc?

Based on what i read on page 328,paragraph 1, the government the Romans created in 509 BC was a republic.

Was Rome a republic yes or no '?

presume you are refering to Ancient Rome, the answer then is yes and no. It was a kingdom 753 - 509BC, then a Republic 508 - 27BC then known as the Roman Empire from 27BC onwards

What happened at rome in 509bc?

In 509 BC the Romans changed their form of government. They ousted the kings and the republic was born. It took loosely, another year for the mechanics of the republic to be set in place.

What form of government did rome set up after they freed themselves from etruscan rule?

After getting rid of Tarquinius Superbus in , the last Etruscan king in 509BC, the Romans set up a republic.

About how many years passed between the establishment of the Roman Republic and the establishment of the Roman Empire?

ANSWER 582 years passed between theestablishment of the Roman Republic (509BC) and the Roman Empire (27BC), when the Roman Senate conceded to Octavian the title of "Augustus" with which he could exert also the religious authority, the proconsular power upon the Roman territories "not yet pacified" and the High Command of Roman National Army.

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