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You need a scientific calculator, or one with function keys.

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Q: How do you put sin on a calculator?
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What do you get when you cross a dog with a calculator?

Dog Calculator Sin Theta

What is sin 7?

Google's calculator result for sin(7) = 0.656986599

How do you find the sin-1 on scientific calculator?

2nd sin, simple

How do you use a calculator for the law of sines say you have SinB.96 how to you get B?

well in order to get sine b you will have to got to your calculator and reverse the equation ... in other words on the calculator you will see sin-1 you will hit that and in the parenthesis you put .96 .so it should look like this sin-1(.96) and you qet your answer .!

What is the sin of 1?

If 1 is a radian measure, using a calculator, sin(1)=0.84147

When can you use the inverse of sin?

You can use the inverse of sin when you want to solve an equation where x is the angle you're trying to find. Say sin(x)=32/50 Since you can't plug "x" into your calculator, use the arc sin (represented on your calculator by sin -1) on both sides to get rid of the sin. This is how it would plug into your calculator: sin-1 (32/50) Whatever the answer is would be what "x" equals.

How do you put in sine on a calculator?

Most scientific calculators come with a button that says SIN, or they have it under a secondary option usually accessed by pressing the SHIFT or 2ND first then the key sub labeled SIN.

What is square of sin 60?

According to my Windows calculator.... 0.75

What does sin stand for on a calulator?

The "sin" button on a calculator gives the sine trigonometric ratio of the given angle.

How do I find Sin A .42 is A is an acute angle. And how do i enter that on a calculator?

If sin(A) = 0.42 then A = arcsin(0.42).On calculators, the arcsin key is usually reached by using another key before the sin key, and is shown as "sin to the power -1".Make sure that your calculator is set to degrees rather than radians (to check this, try sin(90). If the answer is 1 the calculator is in degree mode; if it is 0.8940 it is in radian mode.

How do you solve sin 72 degrees?

1. Be sure that your graphing calculator is in degree mode. 2. Press sin( 3. Press 72, ) 4. Press Enter The calculator shows: .9510565163 5. Round to .95 Answer: sin 72° = .95

Sin x degrees equals 4 over 15 what would the value of x be?

x = sin-1 (4/15) ( sin -1 is [SHIFT] [sin] on a calculator ) = 15.5

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