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when you add a number from 3 to 9

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Q: How do you regroup 1 ten for ten ones in the number 567?
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You are a 3- digit number your ones digit is a 7 you are 570 when rounded to the nearest ten what are you?


When is it necessary to regroup the ones?

When the two numbers have an answer that is greater than or equal to ten.

Do you need to regroup 10 ones for 1 ten when you add 56 37?


How do you regroup to make a ten from the ones to solve 36 plus 8?

Which_answer_shows_how_you_could_regroup_to_make_a_ten_to_solve_36plus 8

How do you Regroup 78 using 1 ten for 10 ones?

78 can be regrouped into 6 tens and 18 ones.

How to regroup 84 using 1 ten for 10 ones?

8 tens and 4 one

How do you regroup to make a ten to solve 16 plus 7?

6 + 7 = 13 13 can't fit into the ones place. Regroup 13 ones into one ten and three ones. Leave the three ones in the ones place and carry the one ten over to the tens place.

Numberof ten's place at thousand's place at lakh's place in the number 12 34 567?

number o ten's place at thousand's place at lakh's place in the number 12 34 567

How many times greater is three in the ten thousands place than three in the ones place in the number 567 435 203?

10,000 times

How do you round 567 to the nearest ten?

As the digit in the ones position is a 7, it rounds up to give 570 as the answer.

When do you need to regroup when multiplying?

You need to regroup when you add the numbers together and they add up to a number that is ten or more. For example: 1 164 +518 _____ 682 If it is over ten, take the first digit of the number and put it above the next number. Then, add that number onto the sum of the other digits underneath it.

Which answer shows how you regroup- to make a ten from the ones to solve 36 plus 8?

6+6 7+7 10+8 6+4

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