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Look at the first number after the decimal; if less than five round down; if 5 or greater round up

In your case answer is 4

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Q: How do you round 4.4 to the nearest whole number?
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What is the nearest whole number of 44?

44 is a whole number.

How do you round 43.98229715?

Round each number to the nearest hundred and decide which numbers round to 2,600. Select all that apply.

What is the whole number for43.51?

Rounded to the nearest whole number it is: 44

What is the nearest of 43.99?

Rounded to the nearest whole number it is 44

What is 43.586 rounded up to?

To the nearest whole number, 44

How do you Estimate 44.25?

To the nearest tenth 44.3 To the nearest whole number 44 To the nearest ten 40

What does 44 round to?

44 rounds to:0 to the nearest hundred40 to the nearest ten

How do you round 44 to the nearest ten?


What does 43.75 percent round to?

To the nearest percent: 44%

If the diameter of a circle is 14 what is the circumference?

Circumference of circle: 14*pi = 44 units rounded to nearest whole number

estimate 121.6 divided by 43.5?

Round up or down to nearest whole number (over .5 then round up, .4 or under then round down). See how many times the smaller number would go into the larger. map for this itβ€˜d be 122 and 44 and that would be almost 3 times so estimate would be 3!

What is the whole number for 44 over 5?

44/5 = 8.8 which can be rounded to 9 as a whole number