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divide example ; 22

- divided by 11 = 1


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Q: How do you solve an improper fraction?
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If you are dividing fractions and get an improper fraction as an answer do i chage it back to an improper fraction?

you would not change it back to a improper fraction you would solve it to a proper fraction so it could be looking like this 19 ___ 22

How do you solve mixed number to improper fraCTION thrugh cancelation?

Cancellation cannot be used to convert a mixed number into an improper fraction.

How do you solve an equivalent improper fraction?

equivalent fractions 1over 2

How do you solve an improper fraction to mixed?

Suppose you have the improper fraction a/b where, since the fraction is improper, a > b.Divide a by b so that you have a quotient cand a remainder d.Then a/b = c d/b.

What is regular fraction?

the regular fraction is fraction number this is solve in mixed fraction.tere is all kinds of fraction this is IMPROPER,,,PROPER,,,MIXED,,,REGULAR,,,FRACTION...

Improper fraction conversion to whole number?

solve 3 2/4kg to g

What is 4.5 as an improper fraction?

What is 4.5 as an improper fraction

What is 5.8 as an improper fraction?

5.8 as an improper fraction is 58/10.

How do you find the absolute value of an improper fraction?

If the improper fraction is greter than 0 it is the value of the improper fraction and if the improper fraction is less than 0, it is the negative of the value of the fraction.

What is 4.27 as an improper fraction?

4.27 as an improper fraction is 427/100

What does an improper fraction become when it is reduced?

It remains an improper fraction.

What is 7 56 as an improper fraction?

There is no equivalent improper fraction.

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