How do you use proportions?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A propotion is a math method. For example 3 over 100 = x over 50, you crossmultipy both 3 times 50 and 100 times x, then you'll get 150 = 100x, then you have to get x by itself so you divide 100 from both sides and that leaves you with x = 1.5.The proportion in this problem is 3 over 100 = x over 50

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Q: How do you use proportions?
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What can you use to measure proportions?

you can use scale model to measure proportions

How is proportion used in every day life?

people use proportions in cooking and architects use proportions to make the blueprints.

How do you solve fractions with letters?

use proportions

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Please let me know what proportions is use of spice to make all spice

How do you use proportions using cross multiplication to find 2.80?

2.80 is 2.80: you do not need to ise proportions or anything to "find" it!

How do you find area of shaded parts?

You use proportions

How can you use proportions to solve equations with variables on both sides?

A calculator can be used to proportions to answer a equation. This is easier to solve when having variables on both sides.

What is proportions test?

Many researchers use a proportions test to verify the statistically significant difference between two independent proportions. This test has a number of requirements such as the use of random sampling, samples must be independent, at least 10 successes and 10 failures, and the population is at least 10 times the size of the sample.

Do computer programmers use proportions?

yes, To the person related with this question we computer programmer need proportions. To calculate the exact byte of the computer ability to store the data

When is it good to use a pie chart?

When you want to compare proportions of a similar thing.

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A tragedy of unknown proportions is unfolding in these oil areas.

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