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This is a very hard game you are talking about. even i cannot solve it. you have to figure it out by asking someone else. it is really really challenging.

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Q: How do you win level four of calculator chaos?
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How do i win pet rescue sage level 46?

To win pet rescue saga level 46, you will have to save four pets to get 18000 points.

How do you beat Chaos in Sonic DX?

Chaos is relatively easy everytime you battle him: As chaos zero simply press A then A again to do the homing attack on his brain repeat until you win, As chaos two keep gliding at him until you hit him this battle can take awhile, As chaos four wait until he surfaces then hit his brain, As chaos six wait until the weird ice things appears hit them then throw them inside chaos he will freeze quickly hit him (as Big simply use your rod to get froggy out then you win!), Perfect Chaos is not that hard either simply hit the speed boosts so you can go faster then go inside chaos if your fast enough you will attack him. Repeat until you finally beat him for good!

How do you get Ma Chaos level 10 weapon in Dynasty Warriors 4 Extreme Legends?

Get 300 KO Count in under five minutes and win with the difficulty on hard

In Dissidia Final Fantasy what is the best character to use for the Inward Chaos story plot?

When fighting the manikins, it really depends on you. When fighting Chaos, use a long-range type of character, such as Terra. The reason for this is that you will be fighting Chaos in the Edge of Madness which is a really small stage. Best to choose a character that can attack at any distance. Heres a hint: Use a character that is at least at level 70. You have a better chance to win. I beat Chaos with Cloud because he was the only level 70 character I had. :P

How do you level up my Pokemon on chaos black?

to level up your Pokemon walk through grass. eventually you will get attacked. fight and win. you will get exp. when a Pokemon gets enough exp, it will level up. for more info, press L or R on your DS/ game boy.

Who would win Mewtwo or Magician of Black Chaos?

Chuck Norris

How do you get vortigon on chaos faction 2?

you have to win and hack the password is 4954945

What is the super sonic code for sonic 2?

to become super sonic in sonic 2 without getting all the chaos emerals first enable the level select at the level select menu go to the sound test item and play sounds in this order:4 1 2 6 you should hear the music you get when you win a chaos emerals now select any level get 50 rings and jump.

How kilos are in 10 pounds?

Google's calculator function for the win!

Who would win a fight between sonic or shadow?

No weapons: Both Shadow and Sonic have equal speeds, but unlike Sonic, Shadow can use Chaos Control without the Chaos Emeralds. Shadow would likely win. Weapons: Sonic and Shadow use the Chaos Emeralds to go super. Tie.

In Sonic Adventure 2 Battle how can you win races?

Raise your chaos stats high

How do you win level 3 on boxman?

how do you win level 3 on Box men