How do you write 20 lakh in word?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Twenty lakh

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Q: How do you write 20 lakh in word?
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How do i write 50000 in lakh?

It is 0.5 lakh.

How do you write 20 lakh in figure?

We write it as 20,00,000Lakh is used in Indian system of writing numerals.

How do you write number 55162094 in word?

Fiftyfive million one lakh sixtytwo thousand and ninetyfour

Is it correct to write one lacs or one lakh?

Whether it is "one lakh", "two lakh" or "fifty lakh", the word is written in singular and not in plural. Please note that the word "lakh" takes the singular form but the word following "lakh" takes the plural form. You can say " two lakh rupees" or " five lakh tonnes" but not " two lakhs rupees" or "five lakhs tonnes". This is on the analogy of the words " million" and "billion". For example, we say " 5 million" or " 5 billion dollars" but not "5 millions" / " 5 billions dollars". However, in a table of figures, you can say " in lakhs of rupees" and not " in lakh of rupees".

How do you write 45 lakh in words?

1 lakh = 100,00045 lakh = 4,500,00045 lakh = four million, five hundred thousand.

How do you write 50 lakh crore in words?

It is fifty lakh crore.

How do you write ten lakh numerically?

Ten lakh is written out numerically as 10,00,000.

How is 20 lakh written in roman number?

Not sure what "lakh" is, but 20 is XX.

How do you write 1.8 lakh in figures?

1.8 lakh crore how to wright

Is it five lac rupees or five lack rupees?

Its neither lac nor lack. Lakh is the correct word. You should write as Five Lakh Rupees but not Five Lakhs Rupees

How write one lakh two hundered?

one lakh two hundred is written as 100200

How do you write 3 lakh in figure?