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The answer is $0.04

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Q: How do you write 4 cents with a dollar sign?
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What is four fifths cents of a dollar?

4/5 of a dollar is 80 cents. 4/5 cents of a dollar is 4/5 cents.

How do you write 50 cents?

There are two ways that you can write 50 cents. One way is fifty cents. The other way is the number 50 with the cents sign behind it.

How many cents in one dollar?

4 quarters which equals 100 cents; 100 cents=1 dollar

What is 4 dimes to a dollar?

4 dimes to a dollar is 60 cents less of a dollar.

Which is more 1 over 2 of a dollar or 3 over 4 of a dollar?

1/2 of a dollar - 50 cents 3/4 of a dollar = 75 cents

What fraction of a dollar is 25 cents?

25 cents/1 dollar = 25 cents/100 cents # 25/100 = 1/4

What fraction of a dollar is 10 cents?

Ten cents is 1/10 of a dollar. Twenty cents is 2/10 of a dollar, or 1/5 of a dollar. Twenty five cents is 2.5/10 of a dollar, or 1/4 of a dollar. and so on.

What is the money symbol in the us?

The money symbol in the US is for the dollar- it is a capital 'S' with one or two vertical lines through it: $The dollar sign usually comes before the dollar amount: $12.00 means "twelve dollars".If an amount is less than a dollar it can be written in 2 ways:> As a decimal fraction of a dollar, for ex. $0.25 means "1/4 of a dollar" or "25 cents", because the dollar is divided into 100 cents.> As a whole number with either a small c or (preferably) a "cents sign" after the amount. The cents sign is a c with one vertical line through it. Thus 25 cents could be written as 25¢ (or 25c). [Note - on keyboards without a ¢ sign, you can hold down the ALT key and press 1 5 5 on the right-hand keypad to insert that character!]Some uneducated people confuse the decimal fraction and cents ways of writing small amounts of money. They'll write something like " 0.25¢" thinking it means "twenty five cents", but that expression really means "25/100 of a cent" !!!

How many 25 cents are there in a dollar?

4 25c in a dollar.

What is 34 of a dollar?

3/4 of a US dollar is 75 cents.

How do you write quarter a cent in decimals?

1/4 dollar = $0.25 1/4 cent = $0.0025 example: thirty-seven and a quarter cents = $0.3725

How do you write quarter of a cent in decimals?

1/4 dollar = $0.25 1/4 cent = $0.0025 example: thirty-seven and a quarter cents = $0.3725