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Q: How do you write 6.8 thousand as a whole number?
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Is 68 an irrational number?

No. If you can write the number on paper, it's rational. 68 is the ratio of 68 to 1.

What is the first number with the letter a in it?

One thousand

How do you write 7 million 4 hundred 3 thousand 68 in numbers?


What is 2.68 in a mixed number?

2 and 68/100 because 2 is the whole number and 68 is in the hundredths place.

How do you round 67.935?

To the nearest whole number, 68

What is 67.935 rounded to the nearest whole number?


How do you put 68million into a whole number and a power of ten?

It is 68*106.

Is 68 an even number?

Yes, if divided by 2 it gives a whole number of 34

What is the nearest whole number to sixty-seven and nine-tenths?

To get the nearest whole number you first write the number of units you have. In this case, that number is 67. The next step is to look at the fraction and ask if it's greater than or equal to a half, in which case you round down. Otherwise, you round up. In this case, we have nine tenths, which is greater than a half, so you round 67 up to 68. Thus, the nearest whole number to 67 and 9/10 is 68.

What is 67.73 54.521 first rounding each number to the nearest whole number?

68 + 55 = 123

What is the whole number or mixed number in simplest form of 68 over 9?


What is the smallest whole number that will exactly go into 68 and 12?