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52/3 = (5*3 + 2)/3 = 17/3

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Q: How do you write five and two-thirds as an improper fraction?
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How do you write five and Forada five as improper fraction?


How do you write eight and five sixths as an improper fraction?

Expressed as an improper fraction, this is equal to 53/6 or fifty-three sixths.

How do you write five and one half as an improper fraction with the denominator six?


How do you write two and five six in a fraction?

As an improper fraction it is 17/6 As a mixed fraction it is 2 5/6

How do you write 2 five sevenths as an improper fraction in simplest form?


How do you write five fourths as an improper fraction to a mixed number?

1 and 1 fourth

Express your answer as an improper fraction For example if your answer was five fourths you would write 54?

no write it as 1 and 1/4

How do you write five and two tenths as a fraction?

5 and 2/10 as an improper fraction is 26/5 in its simplest form

How do you write 1 and 1 fourth as an improper fraction?

five fourths Eg: 5/4

Is five fifths a improper fraction?

No, it is not an improper fraction. It is a whole number.

What is five eighths as an improper fraction?

5/8 cannot be written as an improper fraction.

What is the answer to two and five eighths as an improper fraction?

Two and five eighths as an improper fraction is 2625/1000 or 21/8