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Trigonometric functions are calculated using a polynomial approximation. The exact polynomial used may be different on different calculators.

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Q: How does a scientific calculator compute the value of sin 41.5 degrees?
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What is the function value of sin 510?

You can calculate that with any scientific calculator, including the scientific calculator that comes with Windows, so there is really no need to ask such questions here. Just make sure that the calculator is in degrees, or in radians, depending on what the "510" represents.

What is mode on a calculator?

On many calculators, the MODE key/button is to set the calculator into degrees or radian angle measurment, that is, when you enter a value, it and all further values you enter will then either be understood by the calculator as a degrees or radian value for an angle.

Where does the calculator start aproximating value for Fibonacci numbers with scientific notation?


What is value of sin of 5.834 degrees?

According to the scientific calculator on my computer, that would be 0.1016. I gave you 4 significant digits because you gave me the angle to 4 significant digits.

What is the value of tan 114 degrees?

tan114 = - 2.24604. This could easily be found by inputting the degree value into a calculator!

Where can you buy an annuity value calculator?

You can not buy an annuity value calculator. It is a tool used in the financial industry to figure out future values or fixed payments. You can use a scientific calculator to figure this out. Just key in the correct formula and you will have your answer.

How do you you solve absolute value on a scientific calculator?

On a Texas Instruments calculator you can use abs. Other calculators may need a manual to find the steps.

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It is computed, as in "the computed value".

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The interior angle of a 13 sided polygon can have any value between 0 and 360 degrees.

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Present Value Calculator Use this calculator to determine the present value of a stream of deposits plus a known final future value.

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62.50 this is from Gardiany

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