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Scale factor can enlarge or decrease SIDE lengths, however, angle measurements will not change. Scaling creates similar figures.

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Q: How does scale factor affect length and angle measure?
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Does a angle have infinite length?

An angle has no length at all. The angle is just the amount of opening between the two lines where they meet. The length of the angle's sides is completely irrelevant, and has no effect at all on the measure of the angle. They can be any length from almost zero to infinite, and they don't even have to both be the same length. It just doesn't matter. None of that changes the measure of the angle.

Does an acute angle have equal sides?

The length of the sides has nothing to do with the measure of the angle.

How do you find the radius when the arc length IS GIVEN?

You also need the measure of the central angle because arc length/2pi*r=measure of central angle/360.

What is the measure of an angle in a right angled triangle found by dividing the length of the side adjacent to the angle by the length of the hypothenuse?


How do you find the side of a triangle?

To find the degree of angle of a side of a triangle, a protractor is needed to measure the angle. Place the '0' on the protractor on the point of the angle and look at the top part to determine degree of angle. To measure the length of a triangle side, a simple ruler can be used to measure the length.

How do you find the arc length with the angle given?

An arc can be measured either in degree or in unit length. An arc is a portion of the circumference of the circle which is determined by the size of its corresponding central angle. We create a proportion that compares the arc to the whole circle first in degree measure and then in unit length. (measure of central angle/360 degrees) = (arc length/circumference) arc length = (measure of central angle/360 degrees)(circumference) But, maybe the angle that determines the arc in your problem is not a central angle. In such a case, find the arc measure in degree, and then write the proportion to find the arc length.

Is the measure of an arc equal to the measure of its central angle?

Yes. Besides the included angle, arc length is also dependant on the radius. Arc length = (Pi/180) x radius x included angle in degrees.

How can you angle expressed in degree into millimeter?

Millimetres measure length, degrees measure angle, therefore you cannot change one into the other.

How does the angle of the sun affect the length of shadows?

Chicken nuggets

How do you figure the length of C on an open or closed angle?

Just Measure it

How do you use sine in math?

The sine function is used in trigonometric calculations when attempting to find missing side lengths of a right triangle. The sine of an angle in a triangle is equal to the length of the side opposite of that angle divided by the length of the hypotenuse of the triangle. Using this fact you can calculate the length of the hypotenuse if you know an angle measure and the length of one leg of the triangle. You can also calculate the length of a leg of the triangle if you know an angle measure and the length of the hypotenuse.

How do you find the ark in circles?

it is more accurately called the "arc" the arc in circles are measure by the radius and the angle of projection. the formula is... s=r(angle) s is the arc length r is the radius length angle is the angle that the entire arc length makes