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The answer will depend on what PLOT A and PLOT B are. But since you have chosen not to provide that information the answer is

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Q: How does the addition of a possible outlier on PLOT B affect the center of PLOT B relative to the center of PLOT A?
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How does outlier affect mean median mode?

An outlier pulls the mean towards it. It does not affect the median and only affects the mode if the mode is itself the outlier.

How does the outlier affect the mean median mode?

An outlier can increase or decrease the mean and median It usually doesn't affect the mode

How does an outlier in a group of numbers affect the mean of the numbers?

The outlier skews the mean towards it.

How does the outlier affect the median?

An outlier can significantly impact the median by pulling it towards the extreme value of the outlier, especially when the dataset is small. This can distort the central tendency measure that the median represents and provide a misleading representation of the typical value in the dataset.

Does outlier affect standard deviation?


How does the outlier effect the mean in math?

The outlier could affect the mean by making it drastically larger or smaller.

How does the outlier effect the data?

Outlier: an observation that is very different from the rest of the data.How does this affect the data: outliers affect data because it means that your calculations might be off which makes it a possibility that more than the outlier is off.

How does an outlier affect data?

it messes up the mean and sometimes the median. * * * * * An outlier cannot mess up the median.

How does an outlier effect the range?

An outlier will have a huge affect on the range as the range is the largest value minus the smallest value.

Does the outlier affect the interquartile?

No. The IQR is a resistant measurement.

How does the outlier affect the mean of the data?

An outlier does affect the mean of the data. How it's affected depends on how many data points there are, how far from the data the outlier is, whether it is greater than the mean (increases mean) or less than the mean (decreases the mean).

Do outlier affect your line of best fit?

Yes, they would.