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A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: How far to 55 Cancri?
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How far is 55 cancri from earth?

scientifically it is 40 light year with is weirdly 4.7029E+14 in miles

The system with the most exoplanets is found around which star?

55 Cancri

What has the most carbon in it?

55 Cancri e That is a planet discovered in 2004 orbiting the star 55 Cancri. Its mass is about eight times the mass of Earth, and more than one third of it is believed to be diamond.

What is 55 cancri e?

55 cancri e is a diamond planet that is 40 light years away from Earth. And since of the heat from it's parent star the diamond are very clean but they aren't polished.

How big is cancer the constellation?

Cancer covers up an area approximately 505.872 degrees. Since it is so far away from us, its difficult to determine the exact distance or size. It is also the 31st largest constellation, and contains 7 stars. A list of the stars: Alpha Cancri, Beta Cancri, Gamma Cancri, Delta Cancri, Zeta Cancri, Lambda Cancri, and Xi Cancri. With Beta Cancri being the largest of the stars. The nearest star to us is Delta Cancri, 11.82 light years away.

How far is Beta Cancri?

Beta Cancri (Al Tarf) is the brightest star in the constellation Cancer.It is located about 290 light years from us.

Where is 55 cancri?

55 Cancri (Rho Cancri) is a binary star in the constellation of Cancer.[See realted link for a wikistar map]It consists of a yellow dwarf star and a smaller red dwarf star.They are located about 41 light years from Earth and to date (2010) has the most extraosolar planets (5) discovered round a single star .

What are the names of cancers stars?

Alpha Cancri, Beta Cancri, Gamma Cancri, etc.

What are the names of constaellation cancer stars?

Alpha Cancri, Beta Cancri, Gamma Cancri, etc.

What stars make up the constellationn cancer?

The named stars in that constellation are(in order of visible magnitude): alpha Cancri - Acubens, beta Cancri - Al Tarf, gamma Cancri - Asellus Borealis, delta Cancri - Asellus Australis, epsilon Cancri - Praesepe, zeta Cancri - Tegmine, lambda Cancri - Kwan Kei, ksi Cancri - Nahn.

How far is Alpha Cancri?

Alpha Cancri (Acubensi) is a star system in the constellation Cancer.It is approximately 174 light years from us.See related link for more information

What is the radial velocity 55 Cancri e 0 1 2 what is it mean last digit birthday emans?

The radial velocity 55 Cancri e 0 1 2 is a binary star in the constellation of cancer. It is around 41 light years from the earth in 2010.

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