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If you pedal very fast then you may lose control

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Q: How fast can a mountain bike go down a hill per hour?
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Who was the 2007 down hill mountain bike champion?

Sam Hill

Which is faster up a hill a mountain bike or a street bike?

it depends on how on how fast you petal and how fit you are

Can you down hill mountain bike with a hard tail?

Sure, that's how the sport started. Don't expect to be able to go as fast, or to drop as high as the riders on full sus bikes though.

What is 2nd start?

its where you put your dirt bike or ATV in 2nd gear to make it start by pushing it fast or going down a steep hill ..

Are some mountain bikes better than others in rocky terrain?

Yes, there are four basic types of mountain bikes. There are cross-country, all-mountain, free-ride, and down-hill mountain bikes. All-mountain is the recommended mountain bike for rocky terrain.

How do you get involved in DH mountain Biking?

find a DH bike and ride down a DH track signal hill is a good place to start! (dunedin, NZ)

Why should you be careful when cycling down the hill?

Well I would think that when you bike down a hill, you're going super fast and you might tip over on your bike and get a bruise or two. If you really want to ride down a hill, like really, really want to, you should wear all biking gear such as a helmet, elbow pads, knee and hand pads (you know, the whole deal).

What is the fastest mountain bike?

For a human-powered bicycle it's pretty pointless to talk about the fastest bike, as the rider is more important than the ride. To get a high top speed you want a BMX with the most number of teeth at the chainwheel by the pedals and the least number of teeth by the rear wheel. This will make the bike heavier to get going though.

How do you get faster on a bike when you have stopped peddling?

Cycle down a hill.

To roll down a hill on a bike without pedding?


How do pop start a dirt bike?

First put the bike in neutral and push it as fast as you can. Next jump on the bike about half way down the hill' right after you jump on, pull in the clutch, shift into 1st or 2nd gear, let off the clutch, and give the bike a little gas.

What is the duration of The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill But Came Down a Mountain?

The duration of The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill But Came Down a Mountain is 1.65 hours.