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Impossible to answer without knowing EXACTLY what you have.

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Q: How is the trigger mechanism put together?
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How do you put the trigger mechanism back in the browning bps 12gauge pump shot gun?

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How do you put the trigger mechanism back in the browning pump bps shot gun?

This is best left to a trained gunsmith if you are haviing problems.

What is a trigger lock?

A trigger lock is used for gun safety. It is a mechanism that goes over the trigger and locks to prevent the trigger from being pulled.

A sentence for mechanism?

MechanismThe mechanism had failed when the power went out and there was no electricityrunning it.I looked at the mechanism in amazement when I saw the way it was put together.

What Glock has safety?

None of them have traditional safeties. They just have the trigger block mechanism.

What is the definition of trigger mechanism?

A trigger mechanism is a device that activates or initiates another action or process. In firearms, the trigger mechanism is what releases the hammer to fire a round of ammunition.

Trigger mechanism schematics?

Look through the Numrich web site at

Is the Glenfield Model 25 trigger mechanism compatible with the Marlin Model 925?


Diagram of trigger mechanism of hammer action fire arms?

Why did Browning issue a recall for the A500?

Parts breakage occurred on occassion in the trigger mechanism.

How does a gun trigger work?

In modern firearms, the trigger allows the firing pin to sharply tap the primer on the cartridge...which, in short, fires the gun. The actual mechanics of the trigger mechanism vary for every weapon.

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