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you count one dollar a second so it would probably take you about 31 and a half years.

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Q: How long would it take to count a billion dollars counting one dollar a second?
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How long will it take to count to a billion dollars by counting a dollar per second?

1 billion seconds 16666666.67 minutes 277777.7778 hours 11574.07407 days

How long would it take to count one billion dollars at one dollar every second with the work shown?

1 billion seconds 1 dollar per second, 1 billion dollar bills.

How long will it take to spend a billion dollars if you spend a dollar a second?

A billion seconds!!16 666 666.7 Minutes

How many years will it take to count one billion dollars?

Assuming it takes about 1 second to count each dollar, it would take one billion seconds, or about 31 years and 8 months.

How long does it take to count a billion dollars for eight hours a day at the rate of one dollar per second?

First, we must see how long it will take to count all one billion dollars. If each dollar is a second, then it will take 1,000,000,000 seconds. After doing this, we must find out how many minutes by dividing by 60. 1000000000/60=16666666.67 Once we know how many minutes it will take, we find the hours by dividing by 60 again. 16666666.67/60=277777.78 Assuming we can only count for eight hours a day, we can find out how many days it will take to finish counting by dividing the number of hours by 8. 277777.78/8=34722.22 You will finish counting on day 34,723, counting for 13 minutes and 20 seconds on the last day.

What was the gross earnings of Lord of the Rings?

The trilogy grossed a total of 2.97 billion dollars worldwide, the most for any trilogy.... Return of the King became the second film to cross the 1-billion dollar mark worldwide

How many zeros in 12 billion dollars?

12 billion dollars is 12,000,000,000. Nine zeroes. The first three zeroes on the left are for hundreds of dollars. The second is for thousands. the third set for millions. Then tag on 12. Nine zeroes in 12 billion dollars.

If you had a 10 billion dollars and you spent 1 dollar every second how many years before you have no money.?

10 billion dollars: 10,000,000,000 Every year has: 365 days X 24 hours = 8,760 minutes times 60 seconds = 525,600 seconds per year. 10,000,000,000 divided by 525,600 = 19.025 years This is assuming that you were earning no interest on your 10 billion dollars.

Who is the second richest man on earth?

Bill Gates, with about 56 billion dollars.

How much is a trillion dollars?

1000 billion dollars!!!!\ woah dog! ============================================================== Here are some other perspectives on 1 trillion dollars: Consider that light travels at about 186,000 miles per second. This time is called a light-second and is often used in astrophysical discussions. A light-second is also about 983,571,056 feet (that's how many feet are in 186,000 miles). This is almost 1 billion. Now, since a dollar bill is 6 inches long, there are almost 2 billion 1 dollar bills in a stretch that covers 186,000 miles - and it would take light 1 second to travel the length of 2 billion dollar bills. Now consider the distance from the earth to the sun - average is about 93,000,000 miles. Converting this to feet, and accounting that it takes 2 dollar bills to make a foot, we find that it takes 982,080,000,000 dollar bills to go from here to the sun - end-to-end. This is almost (within 1.8%) 1 trillion dollars. If we actually stretched the 1 trillion dollars from here to the sun, it would take light 8 minutes and 20 seconds to go from one end to the other. That's what a trillion dollars is.

If you spent 1 pi so per second a day how long would it take to spend 1 billion dollars?

Not sure what you mean by "1 pi". If you spend a certain amount every second, 24 hours a day, then simply calculate 86400 times that amount, then divide the billion dollars by the result.

What is the average salary for a equine vet tech?

roughly 8 billion dollars a second

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