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It would take you roughly 2739 years to spend one trillion dollars at that rate.

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Q: How long would it take to spend 1 trillion dollars if you spent a million dollars a day?
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If you spent 1 million a day how many days to spend a trillion dollars?

A trillion is a million million, so it would take one million days at $1 million a day to spend a trillion. One million days is about 2737.85 years .

If you spent 1000 dollars a day how long would it take to spend trillion dollars?

A trillion divide by 1000 = a billion - that is, a billion days. That's over 5 million years.

If you spent a million dollars a second how long to spend a trillion dollars?

a trillion is a million times a million, therefore it would be a million seconds. Divide this by 3600 (seconds in an hour) and you will get 277.77 hours. divide that by 24 and you will have 11.574 days i.e. 11 days, 13 hours, 46 minutes, and 34 seconds.

If government spent 1 million dollars a day since Jesus was born would it total less than one trillion dollars?

Yes. One trillion divided by one million is one million, so you would need to spend one million dollars a day for one million days. Assuming Jesus was born in the year 1, only about 733,000 days have passed.

How long would it take to spend a million dollars if you spent a thousand dollars a day?

1000 DAYS

If you had been given 1 trillion of today's dollars at the beginning of year 1 in history and spent 1 million per day in what year would you have spent the 1 trillion?

Millionth day.

Approximately how much money did America spend in loans during World War I?

700 million dollars was spent by America in WWI.100 billion dollars.700 million dollars was spent by America in WWI.100 billion dollars.

How much do they spend on the Sydney harbor fireworks?

In 2012 they spent 220 million dollars on the fireworks.

How much money did the government spend to search for Amelia Earhart?

they spent 3.2 million dollars

What are facts about 10 trillion dollars?

a lot like people you dont understand okay its a lot! you can spent 2 mil a day ! for 200 years and you wont even spend a trillion !

How much did president Clinton spend on daughters wedding?

He spent 2 million dollars on his daughters weeding.

How much does an American spend on health care each year?

In 2004, the US spent $1.9 trillion dollars or roughly $6,280 per individual.