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5g = 5000mg

5000/500 = 10

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Q: How many 500mg pieces will equal 5g?
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Does 500mg equal 5g?

No. 500mg = 0.5g ; 5g = 5000 mg

Which is greater 5g or 500mg?

5g is equal to 5000mg so the answer is 5g

How many tablets would you need if a doctor ordered 2.5G and there was 500Mg tablets on hand?

Well if one tablet is equaled to 500mg, and you need to get to 2.5g for the order. You'd need approximately 5 pills. 1 Pill @ 500 mg (.5g) 1 Pill @ 500 mg (.5g) =====1000 mg = 1g 1 Pill @ 500 mg (.5g) 1 Pill @ 500 mg (.5g) =====1000 mg = 1g + 1g = 2g's 1 Pill @ 500mg (.5g) = 500mg = 1g + 1g + .5g = 2.5g's.

How many tablespoons equal 5g of flour?


How many times does 500mg go into 5g?

1 gram = 1000 milligrams, so 500 mg = 0.5 grams, so 5 / 0.5 = 10 times

A ton of paper equal how many sheets 80gm?

if it's A4 sheets there are 16 to the square metre. at 80g/m that's 5g a piece. 1,000 kg / 5 g = 200,000 pieces

Mix one heaping teaspoon 5g but how much is 5g and what is 5g stand for?

5g is equal to 5 grams. Mix one heaping teaspoon implies that you just take a teaspoon and grab your substance and dont worry about leveling

Is 43 mg equal to or greater than 5g?

Neither; 43mg is less than 5g.

Is 5 grams more than 512 mg?

5g is equal to 5000mg so yes, 5g is more than 512mg

Is 350 mg equal 5g?

No, 350 milligrams = 0.35 grams

43 mg compared to 5 g?

43mg is less than 5g because 5g is equal to 5,000mg. Hence: 1g=1,000mg

Which is greater less than or equal to 5g 0r 0.0508?

5g is a measure of mass. 0.0508 is a pure number. A number cannot be greater than, less than or equal to a measure of mass. 0.0508 could represent 0.0508 tons - which would be greater than 5g. Or it could represent 0.0508 milligrams, which would be a lot smaller than 5g.

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