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Q: How many 6 ft tables would fit in a 10 x 30 tent?
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How many 60 in round tables fit under a 30 x 45 tent?

12 comfortably but can squeeze 14 if it is a frame tent

How many 60 in round tables fit under a 40 x 40 tent?

If you are not looking for room around them, 64 will fit.

How many people can you fit in a circus tent?

To determine the number of people that would fit into a circus tent you would have to have the size of the tent. Circus tents come in different sizes from the small side show tents to the giant Big Tops.

Would a 4 man tent fit 7 girls?


How many 36 inch balloons can fit under a 30'x60' tent?

It depends on how tall the tent is.

How many people can fit in a 30x30 tent?

Is this in inches? If so the tent is the size of a very small apartment.

How many people can fit in a 12x12 tent?

It depends what they are doing.

How many 6 by 2.5 foot tables fit in an 8 foot by 5 foot space?

Two tables will fit in the described space.

How many adults can sleep in a pop up tent?

In a pop up tent, you can fit somewhere between two to five adults, depending on the size of the tent. Most pop up tents can fit around four adults, while the cheaper and smaller ones fit two.

How many people can fit under x 9 tent?

9 people

How many 6 foot tables fit into a 2000 sq ft room?

Indeterminate. Since we are not given the area of the table, there is no way to determine how many tables fit inside that room.

How many 48 inch round tables fit in a 600 square foot room?

The fact that the tables are round is a distraction as (since most rooms are rectangular) each table would have to fit in a square 48 inches by 48 inches (or 4 foot by 4 foot). This means that each table will take up 4*4 = 16 square feet. If you divide 16 into 600 you come up with 37.5 tables so in theory you could fit 37 tables into it. However, if the room was 1 foot wide and 600 feet long you would not be able to fit any tables into it. Only if the room was irregularly shaped could you fit the maximum number of 4 ft round tables, each of which has the area (pi)(22) or about 12.57 square feet. A total area of 600 square feet would fit the "area" of 47.75 of the tables. By arranging the tables in staggered rows, a rectangular room could fit between 37 and 42 tables, depending on the room width.