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1 sq mile = 640 acres

area circle = π × radius²

= π × (2.5 miles)²

= π × 6.25 sq miles

= π × 6.25 × 640 acres

= 4000π acres

≈ 12,566 acres.

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Q: How many Acres in a circle 2.5 mile radius?
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How many acres are in a circle with a radius of 0.5 miles?

1 square mile = 640 acres.Area of a circle = (pi) (radius)2Area = (pi) (0.5)2 = 0.25 pi = 0.7854 square mile = 502.655 acres. (rounded)

How many acres in a 1 mile radius circle?

Use the formula for the area of a circle: area = pi x radius2. Then convert square miles to acres.


2433 acres, approx.

How many acres of land in a circle with a radius of 50 miles?

1 square mile = 640 acres Area of the circle is π x 502 square miles = π x 502 x 640 acres ~= 5,026,548 acres

How many acres in 1 mile circle?

I have this same question so I'll try to work it out and answer it: The perimeter of the circle is 5,280 feet. Area of circle = 3.14 times radius squared. We don't have the radius, but the sides of a square mile is 5,280. 640 acres are in a mile and 43,560 sq ft are in an acre, so when we multiply those figures we get 27,878,400 sq ft. So now we simply work the pie formula backwards............ 27,878,400 divided by 3.14 = 8,878,471 then we find the sq root of 8,878,471 which = 2,980 2,980 = radius. So we've basicly just reminded ourselves that there are 640 acres in 1 sq mile. But what about a circle mile? The percentage of a circle that fits in the smallest possible square is 78.6%. So finally we multiply .786 by 640 acres and get our answer. The number of acres in a 1 mile circle is............................................ 503 acres.

How many acres are in a 1 mile radius?

Area of a circle = (pi) R2 = (pi) (1)2 = (pi) square miles 1 square mile = 640 acres (pi) square miles = 640 (pi) = 2,010.62 acres (rounded)

How many acres are in a 1 mile circumference circle?

50.9 acres approx.

How many acres in a circle with a cicumfrence of 1 mile?

Approx 2011 acres.

How many acres in a 0.5 mile diameter circle?

The area in acres is 125,653 9.

If there was a perfect circle and it was approximately 12 miles radius from the center how many acres surface area would that circle be?

The surface area of a circle can be calculated using the formula A = πr^2, where A is the area and r is the radius. In this case, the radius is approximately 12 miles. Converting miles to acres, we know that 1 acre is equal to 43,560 square feet. Therefore, the surface area of the circle would be approximately π * (12^2) * 43560 acres.

How many acres in a 5 mile radius?

A circular area of 5 miles radius covers 50265.5 acres(to 1 dp) Area = pi*radius2, which with radius in miles will give you area as 78.53982 square miles, then multiply by 640, since there are 640 acres in 1 square mile.

Square mile to mile radius?

A circle with a mile radius has an area of pi sq miles.