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two bits are in a quarter of a dollar

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Q: How many bits are in a quarter of a dollar?
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What is eight bits?

If 2 bits is 1 quarter then 8 bits would equal 1 dollar.

How many bits in a half dollar?

There's actually a great place to stay called the Park City Mountain Resort. They cater to families, but have a lot of fun things for adults to do on their own as well.

How many bits in a dollar?

eight bits are in a dollar

How many bits are in a dollar?

eight bits are in a dollar

How much is two bits?

A 'bit' is 1/8 of a dollar or about 12 cents. Two 'bits' is about a quarter.

What does the phrasetwo bits mean?

A bit is an eighth of a dollar, but in this sense it is never used in the singular. Two bits is a quarter.

How many bits in a 1 dollar?

8 bits

How did the US quarter get its name?

As shown on the bottom reverse, it is a "quarter dollar" which is 1/4 of a dollar comprised of 100 cents (25 cents). The slang term "two bits" comes from the Spanish Dollar silver coins, which were each worth 8 reales (pieces of eight)...where one-fourth of that 'dollar' was 2 reales (bits).

What is another name for the American dollar?

* buck * 8 bits (8 bits equals 1.00, each quarter is 2 bits, or each bit is 12.5 cents) * ** (For more info, see related question about "bit" - not to be confused with "quarter".) * greenback

How many quarter dollar is 1 dollar?


What are spanish coins pieces of?

Pieces of eight. The old Spanish dollar was divided into eight parts, or bits. An old slang term for a US quarter is "two bits."

What does two bits mean from the 1920?

Two bits is the same as one quarter. It comes from the Spanish 'real' which was called a 'bit'. A 'bit' was worth an eighth of a Spanish dollar.