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How many squares come in one box.

If the squares are 40" x 40", you need 12 of them. You will have scraps left over.

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Q: How many boxes will you need to cover a room 9 by 12 of carpet square are 40 by 40 each?
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How many 36 inch carpet squares would cover 700 yards?

There are 9 square feet in a square yard, so you have 6300 square feet of carpet. Each carpet square is 9 square feet (3 x 3 = 9)... So you would need 700 36" tile squares.

How many 19.7squares of carpet equal one square yard?

It depends on the size of each carpet square.

How many boxes of tile to cover an 11x16 square foot area each tile covers 25 square feet?

If your tiles are really 25 square feet, you will need 7 of them to cover that area. Might as well get 8 to be safe. I don't know how many are in a box.

What is the each side of 25m2 square carpet?

Each side measures 5m

How many square feet of carpet are needed to cover the room's entire floor if each side measures 5 feet?

To obtain the square footage you multiply the length of the sides together - 5*5 = 25 square feet.

How much carpet is needed in square yards to carpet a room that is 14feet wide and 10long?

Do you want wall-to-wall carpeting? Then you want to know the total surface area of the room's floor. area of the room. The area of a rectangle is found by multiplying the WIDTH x DEPTH. 14 X 10 = 140 square feet. That is the size of your floor. How do you determine the size of each piece of carpet to cover the floor? The same way! A square yard (the standard measurement of carpet) has four sides of equal length, because it is a square. How long is each side? How long is one yard! That would be 3 feet on each side. Both WIDTH and DEPTH are 3 feet. To multiply WIDTH x DEPTH, multiply 3x3. The answer is 9. That is how many square feet are in one square yard! How many squares of carpet, each 9 square feet, will be needed to cover 140 feet? The formula would be 9x?=140. To determine the variable, which will be your answer, divide both sides of the equation by 9. That leaves your equation at ?=15 with a remainder of 5 square feet. Will the carpet store cut a section of carpet that is 9 square feet to give you only the 5 square feet you will need? Then your answer is 15 5/9ths. Otherwise, you will need to buy 16 square yards. Then you will cut away 4/9ths of a square yard. This you can give to your cat, who will appreciate the new "toy"! How many squares of 9 square feet will be needed to cover 140 square feet? Divide the total area by the size of your squares! 140 divided by 9 equals 15 with a remainder of 5. The carpet store probably will not be willing to sell a piece of carpet to cover what is left, which would equal your remainder divided by the size of your carpet square (which would by 5/9ths of a square yard, slightly more than one-half). So your answer would be 16 square yards are needed! (and about one-half a square yard of extra carpet you can let your cat play with!)

How many boxes of 18x18 carpet tiles do you need for 630 sq feet?

Depends on how many are in each box?

How office building has 67 offices each office has exactly 1853 square feet of carpet what is the total number of square feet of carpet in all 67 offices?

1,853 x 67 = 124,151 square feet of carpet

How many square feet in a box 4.5 inches by 10.5 inches by 23 inches?

The box has three pairs of sides. One pair of sides: 4.5 x 10.5 = 47.25 square inches = 0.328125 square foot each Another pair of sides . . . 4.5 x 23 = 103.5 square inches = 0.71875 square foot each The third pair of sides . . . 10.5 x 23 = 241.5 square inches = 1.677 square foot each So, if you have to paint the box or cover it with carpet, you need to cover 5.448 square feet.

How many 9x9 in tiles to cover 9 square feet?

Each tile covers 81 square inches. You have 1,296 square inches to cover. It will take 16 tiles to cover that area.

How much are will 16 tiles cover if each tile is a 3 cm by 3 cm square?

It would cover 144 square centimeters.

If you have 200 squares of carpet and each measures one square foot do you have enough squares to carpet a room that is 12 feet by 15 feet?

Yes. The area of the floor in the room is (12 x 15) = 180 square feet. You can carpet the floor and have 20 squares left over.