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4.5 US gallons = 72 US cups

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Q: How many cups is equal to four in a half gallons?
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How many gallons does twelve and a half cups equal to?

.78 gallons.

How many gallons are equal to 8 cups?

half a gallon

How many do 2 gallons equal?

Two gallons is equal to 8 quarts or 16 pints. Two gallons is also equal to 32 cups or four half gallons.

Does 4 and one half of gallons equal 18 pints?

Four and a half gallons is 36 pints

How many four and a half pints equal how many cups?

9 cups

What does two and one quarter cups multipied by two equal?

four and one half cups

What is the number of cups in a half gallon plus the number of gallons equal to 24 pints?


How many cups is in 3 in a half gallons?

56 cups

How many cups equal five and a half gallons?

# 16 cups in one gallon # 16/2=8 # 8 cups in half a gallon # (5*2)+1=11 # 8*11=88

How many half gallons is equal to 10 gallons?

20 half-gallons.

Two quarts equal how many gallons?

It makes a half a gallon. Four quarts equal one gallon. Two quarts equal 1/2 gallon

How many gallons is in 52 cups?

In US measurement, 50 cups = 3.125 gallons (3 and 1/8 gallons) There are 16 cups to a gallon. 50/16 = 3.125