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If you mean decades then there are 10 decades in 100 years

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Q: How many decay does 100 years?
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Is there any way aluminum is bad?

Aluminum takes more than 100 years to decay. If this were to be thrown in the garbage, it would take up to 100 years completely decay.

How many years does it take for a plastic bottle to decay?

They do not decay.

How long does it take for a plastic bottle take to decay?

100-200 years

How long does it take a 200 gram sample of carbon-14 to decay to a mass of 100 grams?

About 5700 years. The half-life of carbon-14 is 5700 years, and the question is asking how long for 200 grams to become 100 grams. That is half, so the answer is 5700 years. It will take another 5700 years for the mass to further decay to 50 grams, and another 5700 years to decay to 25 grams.

How many years makes the fifteenth century?

100 years.100 years.100 years.100 years.100 years.100 years.100 years.100 years.100 years.100 years.100 years.

Are anthrax spores resistant to environmental decay?

Yes.Thay can stay dormand even for 100 years in enviroments.

How many years is a sentry?

How many years in a sentery

How old in years is a fossil sample that has 12.5 percent C-14?

The half-life of Carbon-14 is 5,730 years. As such for the carbon-14 to decay from 100% to 12.5% it would take three times the half-life of the material.100% (1st half life decay period) 50% (2nd half life decay period) 25% (3rd half life decay period) 12.5%.Therefore = 5730 x 3 = 17,190 years.

When was The Years of Decay created?

The Years of Decay was created on 1989-10-13.

How many years are in 1 centuries?

100 years

How much of an 800-gram sample of potassium-40 will remain after 3.9109 years of radioactive decay?

100 grams

How long does it take a 100-gram sample of Uranium-235 to decay to a mass of 50 grams?

700 million years

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