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Each angle for a regular nonagon is 140 degrees each.

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Q: How many degrees would each angle be in a regular nonagon?
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What is exteroir angle in nonagon?

If it's a regular 9 sided nonagon then each exterior angle measures 40 degrees because the exterior angles of any polygon add up to 360 degrees and 360/9 = 40 degrees If it was an irregular nonagon then the exterior angles would vary but they still would add up to 360 degrees

What is the number of sides of a polygon if each of its exterior angles measure 140?

The exterior angle would have to be greater than 180 degrees. If you mean interior angle then a regular nonagon (9 sided) will have angles of 140 degrees.

What is the measure of each exterior angle of a regular nonagon?

For a nine-sided enclosed object, a nonagaon, the equation would be 360 degrees divided by 9. That will provide you with the answer.

Find the measure of eaxch exterior angle of a regular nonagon?

According to theorem 5.4 Every Exterior angle of a regular polygon measures 360/N so all you would do I dived 360 by the number of sides a Nonagon have which is 9

How many degrees would each angle in a regular decagon?

Each interior angle of a regular decagon would measure 144 degrees,

Which has a larger interior angle heptapon or triangle?

Either could have a larger interior angle. If they were regular, then the interior angle of a triangle would be 60 degrees whereas that of a heptagon would be 128.57 degrees. The REGULAR heptagon would have a larger interior angle than a REGULAR triangle.

What is ther minimum angle possible for a regular polygon?

The minimum angle of a regular polygon would be 60 degrees.

Interior angle of a polygon has a measure of 140?

It could be an obtuse triangle. If it were a regular polygon then each of its external angles would be 180 -140 = 40 degrees. The sum of the external angles of any polygon is 360 degrees. So if each is 40 degrees, there must be 360/40 = 9 of them. So the polygon is a nonagon, BUT ONLY IF IT IS A REGULAR POLYGON.

How many degrees does one angle of a hexagon have?

A regular hexagon's angle would be 120 degrees making the total degrees 720. If it's the degrees of one angle of an irregular hexagon there would be quite a range

If the measure of one interior angle of a regular polygon is 90 degrees how many sides does the polygon have?

The only regular polygon with an interior angle of 90 degrees is the square, which has four sides. Other polygons can have an interior angle of 90 degrees, but they would not be regular polygons.

What is the ninth angle of a nonagon if eight of the angles have a sum of 1130?

Assuming you mean 1,120, because each angle in a nanogon is 140 degrees so the ninth angle is 140 as well. But if this is an irregular nanogon`s still possible to figure out...your last angle would be 130 degrees.

How do you find the missing angle measures of a regular trapezoid if one angle measures 50 degrees?

There is no such thing as a regular trapezoid. REGULAR implies that all sides and all angles are equal. If that is the case, with a quadrilateral each angle would be 90 degrees, none would be 50.