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16 times the dollars for 1 ounce.

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Q: How many dollars would it take to make 16 ounces?
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How many ounces make 10 gallons?

That would be 1,280 ounces

How many ounces are in a ounces are in a pound?

3 dollars

If it takes 8 ounces to make a cup then how many ounces does it take to make 1 liter?

There are four cups in one litre. Therefore it would take 32 of such ounces to make one litre.

How many ounces make up 2000?

2000 would have to be defined into a measurement

How many ounces make 25 ounces?


How many pounds of gold make thirty six million dollars?

1 troy ounce of gold is worth 850 dollars. 36,000,000/850 = 42353 troy ounces 1 pound = 14.58 troy ounces 42235/14.58 = 2905 pounds 36 million dollars = 2905 pounds of gold

If 12 ounces will make 9 gallons how many ounces will make 1 gallon?


How many ounces of espresso can it make at a time?

It can make 61 ounces at a time.

How many ounces make a pound?

16 ounces make up a pound.

.3 liters equals how many ounces?

There's no answer to this question; it's like asking how many dollars are in 32 degrees Fahrenheit.A liter is a unit of volume. An ounce is a unit of weight.A similar question would be how many fluid ounces equals 3 liters. There are approximately 101.422 fluid ounces in 3 liters.

How many ounces make thirteen pints?

That is 208 ounces

How many ounces make 2.5 gallons?

That is 320 ounces.