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A pyramid with an n-sided base will have n + 1 vertices, n + 1 faces, and 2n edges.

6 edges

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Q: How many edges deoes a triagular pyramid have?
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How many vertacies does a trianglur based pyramid have?

A triagular base pyramid hac 4 vertices, 6 edges and 4 faces

How many edges are there in a triagular prism?


How many faces does a triagular pyramid?


How many vertices does a triagular pyramid have?


How many straight edges does a triagular prism have?

all of its edges are straight

How many edges do a pyramid have?

a pyramid has 8 edges

How many edges for a pyramid?

8 edges * * * * * Not necessarily. A triangular pyramid has 6 edges. A heptagonal pyramid had 14 edges and so on.

How many edges does a octagonal pyramid has?

16 edges- the edges of the base, and the edges leading to the point of the pyramid.

How many edges does a nonagonol pyramid have?

A NoNaGonAl PyRaMiD HaS 27 eDges

How many edges in a squre pyramid?

A square pyramid has 8 edges.

How many edges does triangular pyramid have?

A triangular pyramid has 6 edges.

How many edges on triangular pyramid?

there are 6 edges on a triangular pyramid.