How many edges in a ten sided prism?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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number of edges of a n-sided (n>2) prism is 3n. In this case, 30.

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Q: How many edges in a ten sided prism?
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How many edges faces and vertices does a pentagonal prism have?

faces= seven edges=fifteen vertices=ten

What is a eight sided prism called?

A hexagonal prism . It has 6 sides to the hexagon, plus a top an dbottom.An octagonal prism is based on an eight-sided figure but is actually ten-sided

How many edges does a decagonal prism have?

19 * * * * * Actually it is 30 edges. Ten around each of the decagonal faces, and ten more connecting the corresponding vertices of the two decagons.

What solid has 2 congruent bases seven faces ten vertices and fifteen edges?

A pentagonal prism.

What is a decagonal prism?

A decagonal prism is a three-dimensional geometric shape that has ten faces, two of which are decagons (10-sided polygons) and the rest are rectangular. All the faces are congruent to each other, meaning they have the same size and shape. The prism has 20 edges and 12 vertices.

How many parallel lines in a decagonal prism?

There are 10 parallel lateral edges. And ten parallel edges between the two bases. There could be more - within each decagon, but that depends on the decagons, and details of these are not given.

How can you use your results to predict the number of vertices in a pyramid with a ten-sided base?

A pyramid with an n-sided base will have n + 1 vertices, n + 1 faces, and 2n edges.

How many vertices edges and faces does a decahedron have?

In geometry, a decahedron is a polyhedron with ten faces. There are 32300 topologically distinct decahedra and none are regular, so this name is ambiguous.One regular decahedron is an octagonal prism. Along with its 10 faces, it has 16 vertices and 24 edges.

How many sides does a ten sided polygon have?

Uhh, 10 sides. It's a TEN SIDED POLYGON and you're asking how many sides it has? You answered the question yourself.

Ten sided figure?

A ten sided figure is a decahedron.

How many faces are there on a octagonal prism?

A octagonal prism has 16 verticies,10 faces and 24 edges.

How many edges does a pyramid have if their is five faces?