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A counter example

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Q: How many examples to prove a conjecture false?
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How many counterexamples are required to prove that a conjecture is false?

One is enough.

How many examples does it take to show that a conjecture is not correct?


Has the Goldbach conjecture been proven?

There have been many attempts to try and prove it but so far none of these succeeded

How do you make a test conjecture with the product of two odd integers?

One possible conjecture is that the product of two odd integers is 8. A conjecture does not have to be true, nor does it have to be sensible. It must be testable, though. Many conjectures were initially thought to be sensible and true but later proven to be false. And when the false nature is fully understood, in retrospect they no longer appear sensible either!

How can you prove to Muslims that they follow a false religion?

You can't prove to Muslims that they follow a false religion for one reason. The reason is that Islam not a false religion. There are many proofs that Islam is an authentic God religion and that Quran, Muslims holy book, is real God words revelation to prophet Muhammad through the angel Gabriel (Jibril).

What is an example of a conjecture?

A famous conjecture is the Twin prime conjecture, which states that there are infinitely many "twin primes" - primes which are 2 apart (for example, 11 and 13, or 17 and 19, are twin primes)

What is a example that shows a conjecture?

The Goldbach conjecture is probably one of the best known. The conjecture is that every even number greater than 2 can be expressed as a sum of two primes. T. Oliveira e Silva has confirmed the conjecture for number up to 4*10^18 but, despite many years of effort, the conjecture has not been proved.

How do you use the word surmise in a sentence?

(The noun "conjecture" refers to an opinion or idea that is not based on definite knowledge and is likely guessing. The verb means to state such an opinion)(noun)Conjectures about the newcomer were many and varied.His conjecture about the cause of the accident was unfounded.The editorial about the new park was more conjecture than fact.(verb)When news anchors finish giving the facts of a story, many feel compelled to conjecture what the story means.Many individuals conjecture about the possible forms of life in other planets.Conjecture refers to a statement that is not proven or one that you are going to prove. A conjecture in a sentence may refer to a math problem that you plan to solve or how you think a situation might end. You have discussed various conjectures for the how the events this evening will turn out.His theory of the crime is based solely on conjecture without any hard evidence.

True or False You can rely solely upon deduction to prove that your conclusion is correct?

The answer is True, trust me, so many people said it was false and I got it wrong . It’s true on APEX

What are some examples that Jesus did?

AOA I am an ahmadi muslim,There are many signs which prove that jessus did.To get more information log on to am sure you will be satisfied after visiting that site.

How often are Major League Baseball trade rumors accurate?

MLB trade rumors are fast and furious every year. There is really no way to calculate exactly how many rumors prove to be true or false, because there are so many!

What are some truths that science cannot prove?

Any such a statement MIGHT be true, but we can't know for sure. There are lots of unknowns in math and science in general; for a list, check the Wikipedia article on "Unsolved problems in math", "... in physics", "... in chemistry", etc.For example: Goldbach's conjecture states that any positive even number (greater than or equal to 4) can be written as the sum of two prime numbers. This HASN'T BEEN PROVEN YET; it is UNKNOWN whether it is true or not! However, leaving aside weirder assumptions, let's assume for now that it's either true or false. In that case, one of the following two statements is true, but science hasn't been able to prove it yet:* Goldbach's conjecture is true.* Goldbach's conjecture is false.In any case, we don't know which of the two statements is true!Similarly - if you were looking for more ... spiritual truths, one of the following statements must be true, but it seems that science is not able to prove this, one way or the other:* There is a single, supreme, God, who created the Universe.* There is no such thing as a single, supreme, God, who created the Universe.The situation is similar with the existence of angels, an afterlife, reincarnation, and many other things that some religions believe in. In each case, it hasn't been possible, so far, to prove the issue one way or another - so we have a truth that hasn't been proven, but we don't know which one it is.