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2000 - not including the number 3000.

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Q: How many four digit number are there between 999 and 3000?
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How many four-digit numbers are there between 500 and 3000?

If you include the number 3,000, there are exactly 2,001 4-digit numbers between 500 and 3000.

How many four digit numders are there between 999 and 3000?


How many four digit no are there between 999 and 3000?

2001 is the correct answer.

How many four digit no are there between 999 and 3000 through method?

All the numbers between 999 and 3000 are four-digit numbers. You need to subtract 3000 - 999 - 1. The extra -1 is to account for the fact that the numbers 999 and 3000, in this case, are not included.

What is the largest four digit number that can be rounded off to 3000?

The largest 4 digit number that can be rounded off to 3000 is 3499. If 3499 is rounded to nearest thousand then we get 3000 but if we consider a number greater than 3499 then rounding off yields 4000. So, 3499 is the required number.

What is the difference between the smallest six-digit whole number and the greatest four-digit whole number?

90001smallest six-digit whole number= 100000greatest four-digit whole number = 9999100000 - 9999 = 90001

How many four digit numbers are there between 999 and 3000?

1000 - 2999 inclusive.2000. It's inclusive, so you must add 1 to the difference.-----------------------------Number of whole numbers = last number - first number + 1The first 4 digit number is 1000The last depends upon whether the "between" is:exclusive: the "between" is "strictly between", ie the numbers under consideration are greater than the first and less than the second; the 3000 is excluded as it is not less than 3000. This is an understanding that comes from placing a third object between two other objects - you cannot place it on top of one of the other objects as it would not be between them;inclusive: the "between" includes the end numbers, ie the numbers under consideration are greater than or equal to the first number and lest than or equal to the second number; the 3000 is included as it is equal to 3000.If exclusive:The last number is 2999 → number of numbers between 999 and 3000 = 2999 - 1000 + 1 = 2000If inclusive:The last number is 3000 → number of numbers between 999 and 3000 = 3000 - 1000 + 1 = 2001--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Numbers are not necessarily whole numbers; four digit numbers also include 999.1, 999.2, ..., 999.9 which mean there could be an extra 9 four digit numbers between 999 and 3000.999.0 wouldn't normally be written with the zero as it makes no different to the value of the number, however if 998.99 was rounded to 4 significant figures the result would be 999.0 with 4 digits, so 999.0 could be claimed to be a four digit number, which would then either be included or not depending upon whether the between is inclusive or exclusive.

Find the difference between the largest four-digit number and the smallest four-digit number?

Assuming you do not want a number with leading zeros, the difference is 8999.

What is the difference between the smallest four digit number and the largest two digit number?


How do you make 6789 into a four digit number?

It is already a four-digit number.

What is the highest and the lowest four-digit numbers?

Lowest four-digit number: 1000 Highest four-digit number: 9999

What is the four digit number?

A four digit whole number can be found from 1000 to 9999

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