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Two of them.

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Q: How many integers have a absolute value of 10?
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What is the answer to absolute value of 10?

Absolute value of 10 is 10.

How many units is it from -5 to 5 on the number line?

10 To find the units from any two integers on the number line, subtract one number from the other, and the absolute value of that number is the answer. In this case, you would write -5 - 5 = -10 or 5 - -5 = 10. The absolute value of both answers is 10.

What are opposite integers?

Integers are the "counting numbers" and their negative counterparts, and zero. Opposite integers are the pairs of integers that have the same absolute value, or, in other words, are the same distance from zero. 10 and -10 are opposite integers. 43 and -43 are opposite integers. It's just that simple.

The absolute value of 10 times negative 10 is?

Absolute value of 10*-10 is 100.

What would the absolute value be for 10?

The absolute value of a number is the positive value of that number. Since 10 is already positive, it is not changed. So the absolute value of 10 is 10.

What is the value of -10?

Absolute value of 10 is 10.

What is the absolute value of 10?

Absolute value of 10 is 10.

Write an integer whose absolute value is greater than itself?

Negative numbers are integers as well. The absolute value of any negative integer will be positive and therefore larger than itself.

What is the value of 10-(-12)?

Absolute value of 10 is 10.

What is the absolute value of 3 and 10 tens?

The absolute value is 103.

What is the absolute value of 9 - -10?


Is 10 the absolute value of 10?

Yes - the absolute value of any positive number is the number itself.

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