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It is: 12*30 = 360 learners

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Q: How many learners can a school enrol if there are 12 teachers and the ratio of learners to teachers is 30.1?
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Central Middle School has 2470 students and the ratio of students to teachers is 26 to1 How many new teachers are needed to reduce this ratio to 19 to 1?

35 new teachers. An increase from 95 teachers to 130 teachers would reduce the ratio to 19:1.

How can I make my elementary school better for the students teachers and staff members?

Improve student/teacher ratio

If a high school with 616 students wanted a ratio of 14 students per teacher how many teachers would they need?

Twenty-two teachers

How many teacher ratio to 30 kids on a school trip to London?

One teacher per 10 , so 3 teachers for 30.

The average age of a group of teachers and students is 20 The average age of the teachers is 35 The average age of the students is 15 What is the ratio of teachers to students?

1 : 3

What is the ratio of teachers to students if there are 500 students and 25 teachers?

We figure this out by dividing 500 by 25. The answer is 20, so the ratio is 1 teacher for 20 students.

How is The ratio of teachers to students is 1 to 26.what is an equivalent ratio?

52 to 2 i think i had it on a test once

What is 44 students to 2 teachers as a ratio?

44:2 simplified: 22:1 BTW a ratio is a fraction. Hopefully that helps! :D

The average age for teacher is 35 Students is 15 The average age of a group of students and teachers is 20 What is the ratio of teachers to students?


Where can I find ratio worksheets online?

If you go to math ratio dot com, they carry many ratio worksheets for purchase or free download. Other teachers have recommended this site among the faculty.

What is the ratio for 220 students for 11 teachers?

20 to 1 20 students per 1 teacher

What is the ratio of public school to private school in the US?

3 to 1