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A circle with a diameter of 18 feet has a perimeter of 56.5 feet.

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Q: How many lineal inches in 18 foot circle?
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How many inches is a lineal foot?

Each foot has 12 inches and is more correctly referred to as a LINEAR foot. LINEAL is used when speaking of ancestry or heredity.

How many lineal inches in a 12 inches circle?

The circumference of a circle, with a diameter of 12 inches, is 37.7 inches.

How many lineal feet is a 7 foot diameter circle?

A circle with a 7 foot diameter has a circumference of 22 feet (approx).

How many lineal inches in a 8 inch diameter circle?

A circle with an 8-inch diameter has a perimeter of 25.1 inches.

How many inches in a Lineal Foot?

1 feet us = 12.000024 inches 1 feet world = 12 inches

How many lineal feet are in 475 feet?

A linear or lineal foot is EXACTLY the same as a foot. So, the answer is 475 lineal feet.

How many inches in a 1 foot circle?

12 inches

How many lineal feet around a 5 foot circle?

If the circle is 5 feet around the circumference then there are 5 linear feet in the circumference. If you are asking what is the circumference of a circle with a 5 foot diameter then the answer is Pi x d

How many lineal feet in a 70 foot diameter circle?

I presume you mean the circumference in feet. Use the equation C = pi d C = 3.141592.... X 70 ft C = 219.9114858.... feet. ~ 219 ft 11 inches.

How many inches are in a 4 foot circle?


How many square inches is 10000 lineal inches?

To calculate the square inches from lineal inches, you need a specific width measurement. If we assume a width of 1 inch, then 10000 lineal inches would equal 10000 square inches. If the width is different, you would multiply the lineal inches by the width in inches to get the square inches.

How many feet make a lineal foot?

lineal just means in a straight line so it would be 1 foot