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Q: How many math functions are available in standard mode on the Windows calculator?
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How many math functions are available on the standard calculator for Windows XP?


Is there an online calculator that does negative numbers?

Your standard Windows calculator (or equivalent in another operating system) will do negative numbers.

Does windows 10 have a calculator?

Yes, Windows 10 also has calculator feature available, to access this follow the steps given below: - Click on "Windows key" from the computer. - Click on "All apps". - Select "Calculator" from the list.

Can I get a calculator that talks out the numbers?

For $19.99 there is a talking calculator available which can be downloaded and operates on Windows. For $19.99 there is also a hand held talking calculator available at stores such as this site ( or Gladware.

What is a good calculator for trigonometry?

Any calculator sold as a "scientific calculator" has the basic trigonometric functions (sin, cos, tan) and the inverse trigonometric functions (arc-sin, arc-cos, arc-tan). That's about all you need.You can also use the calculator that comes on your computer - for example, in Windows, press Windows-R, and then type "calc". You may have to change the calculator mode, to "scientific calculator". Yet another option is a spreadsheet, for example, Excel. Note that in Excel, angles are expressed in radians; if you want degrees, you also need the special functions to convert degrees to radians, or radians to degrees. However, if you want to do your homework while you are NOT at your computer, you are better off buying a calculator.

What is the benefit of using standard c language functions over windows API function?


Where can I find a reliable free calculator?

Both Windows and Apple computers come with a free calculator. The Windows calculator also includes a scientific calculator and programmer's calculator.

How do you figure out cube roots in my calculator?

If you have Windows 7, as do I, then change the calculator to scientific mode, and there is a cube roots button, type in the number you want, and hit that button. If you are talking about a standard handheld calculator, most don't have it, but the TI scientific ones do!

Where can I find a stock calculator to use for finance and investing?

Free stock calculators can be downloaded online at Mac users can also download a stock calculator at the Mac App store. Windows also has a stock calculator available.

What number multiplied by itself equals 40?

That number is called the square root of 40. You can calculate a decimal approximation of square roots on any calculator, including the calculator available on Windows.

What is 252 times 2?

Use a calculator, comes standard on Windows. 252x2=504 pretty much 252+252

What size are standard windows?

Different manufactures have different standard windows. There is no such as thing as standard windows in US