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How many millimetres is a strip measuring 25cm longer than a strip measuring 220mm?

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Q: How many millimetres is a strip measuring 25cm longer than a strip measuring 220mm?
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What makes up a meter stick?

measuring stick consisting of a strip of wood or metal or plastic with a straight edge that is used for drawing straight lines and measuring lengths

What measuring instrument uses a bimetallic strip?

i think it's a furnace, it might be something else though...

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What is the difference between the tape measure and meter stick?

The tape measure is a rolled-up strip that can be unrolled for measuring. The yard stick is a graded, rigid stick.

Why does a bimetallic strip curve when it is heated?

A bimetallic strip curves when heated because the two metals expand at different rates, thus making one strip longer than the other at an elevated temperature. Since the two metals are bonded together, the strip is forced into a curve to accomodate the resulting difference in length of its two parts.

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Why does a bimetallic strip bend when heated?

A bimetallic strip bends when heated because it is composed of two different types of metal. The different metals form the two sides of the strip expand and contract at different rates when subjected to a temperature change. When heating a bimetallic strip, one side of the metals expands faster than the other, making it longer. Because it is bonded to the other metal, it cannot expand in a straight line. The only way the two metals can stay bonded while expanding at different rates, is for strip to bend, one side becoming longer than the other.

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