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If there are 3,600 milliseconds in an hour than multiply that by 24 because 24 hours in a day so there are 86,400 in a day.I am glad to help.

This is wrong, there are 3600 SECONDS in a day.

I am getting something different. one second has 1000 milliseconds. you multiply that by 60 and you get 60,000 then multiply by 24 wich will result in 1440000 milliseconds in a day. Math is not my best subject so please somebody clariffy.

This is wrong, you are multiplying the amount of milliseconds in a minute by 24. This means there are 1440000 milliseconds in 24 minutes.

1ms * 1000 = 1second * 60 = 1minute * 60 = 1hour * 24 = 1day

1*1000*60*60*24=86400000 milliseconds in a day

You can use Google Convert to work it out. (See related link below to work it out)

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Q: How many milliseconds are there in a day?
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