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It would take 1 nurse for 7 patients.

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Q: How many nurses will take for 7 patients if 2 nurses handled 14 patients?
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Why doctors need nurses at work?

Doctors need nurses at work to assist them in the care for patients. Nurses help patients feel comfortable, in some cases they can prescribe medication and they check blood pressure, take temperatures and carry out blood tests.

What is the importance of nurse in the society?

.,nurses assist doctors of what is needed to do.,.,., but even though there is doctor ,nurses are the ones who gave medicine to patients.,.,., they too take good care of them and feel their comfort.,.,. nurses are patients bestfriend.,.,.,without nurses ,no one will assisit doctors .., they cant do it all by theirselves only.,

Why is it important to have nurses?

To take care of patients and help them with everyday problems and also to help the doctors.

What is the nursing code of ethics?

Much of it is common sense be respectful, don't take to others about your patients even other nurses( confidentiality) or doctors, family members and so on but for the full code go to the nursingworld website.

How many nurses did Florence Nightingale take with her to turkey?

She took 38 nurses plus herself

Why do nursing students have to take statistics?

Nurses do need statistics, Florence Nightingale actually was an excellent statistician and wrote letters on why she though it was beneficial for nurses. Nurses follow patients closely and report to physicians, therefore nurses are the first ones to notice any trends with how a patient is doing with their care. This helps lead to many developments in how patient care is performed and noticing any chances that could be made in the future. That's why there are such jobs like nurse researcher, so we can research the methods we do and follow trends to see how it affects patients.

What risks do pediatric nurses take?

what risks do pediatric nurses take? what risks do pediatric nurses take?

What does a Medical ICU Nurse do?

Emergency, or trauma, nurses work in hospital or stand-alone emergency departments, providing initial assessments and care for patients with life-threatening conditions. Some emergency nurses may become qualified to serve as transport nurses, who provide medical care to patients who are transported by helicopter or airplane to the nearest medical facility.

Name several types of nursing careers available?

There are so many types of nursing careers. There are home health care nurses, emergency room and trauma nurses, surgical nurses, assisted living nurses, traveling nurses, and also nurses that travel on cruises all over the world. There are also private nurses where a patient hires you privately to take care of them..

Why did nurses take flowers out of patients room at night?

Flowers not only utilize valuable oxygen in the room, but the pollen within the flowers can weaken the immune system in the evenings and at night. -M.A.N.S.

What is the homophone for the word patience?

How many patients does Dr. James have scheduled for today?Many dental patients take good care of their teeth and gums.

What do prison nurses do?

Prison nurses do relatively little. In fact, Correctional Medical Services, the largest private medical provider of incarceration facilities in the US prefers they do as close to nothing as possible to maximize profits. Those nurses who do perform to the ethics of their profession typically hand out medications, take vitals, triage sick call patients, and provide the occasional emergency treatment as required.