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each question, if equal points per question, is 1/1.10 = 0.9 points; you need to answer 77 questions out of 110 correctly to score a 70

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Q: How many points per correct question to score a seventy on a 110 question test?
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How many points does a darts player score for throwing three darts into the small ring?

seventy-five points seventy-five points

What is the highest score on doodlejump?

if i am correct, the highest score on Doodle Jump is 861,581,572 points

What is the percent correct for a quiz score of 26 points out of 60?


How many points each question on a 45 question test?

IF the test totals up to 100 points, AND IF every question carriesthe same score, then each question gets 22/9 points.

The test each question in Part A is worth 2 points and each question in part B is worth 5 points Sam got all questions in part A correct and her test score was 85 How many part B questions were missed?


45 correct out of 50 questions on a test what would be your score?

If you have 100 points and 50 questions, you take 100 points divided by 50 questions, so you can see how many points each question is, which would be 2 points per question. If you got 45 questions right, multiple 45 by 2 and you get 90%.

What is the highest score in quizzy's question corner?

well I guess the highest score you could get in Quizzy's is 250 because the maximum points you can get per question is 5

How much is a score?

20 is a score. Hence the traditional life-span of 3 score and 10 is seventy.

How many points are each question if there are 26 questions?

The answer will depend on the total score for the test and whether or not all the questions are score the same.

How many points apiece for a 51 question test?

if one of the questions is a bonus it is 2 points each

In a quiz show Clara won 20 points for each correct answer and lost 30 points for each incorrect answer after 30 questions her score was zero how many correct answers did she have?


How many questions do you need to get right for at least a score of 100 when answering 126 out of 126 gets a score of 176 answering 0 gets you 0 and answering 63 gets 88?

Assuming every question has the same score, then: if 126 questions correct score 176, each question scores 176/126 points With 0 correct this gives a score of 0 × 176/126 points With 63 correct this gives a score of 63 × 176/126 = 88 (as given). To score at least 100: number of questions × 176/126 ≥ 100 → number of questions ≥ 100 × 126/176 = 71 13/22 Assuming you cannot answer part of a question to get the mark, you must answer at least 72 questions to get a score of 72 × 176/126 = 100 4/7 If you were to get only 71 questions right you would score 71 × 176/126 = 99 11/63 which is less than 100. You need to get 72 questions right to get a score of at least 100.

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