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Last time i took the test in Illinois there was 25 question in General knowledge.

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Q: How many questions are on the cdl general knowledge test?
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How many questions are in a cdl a general knowledge test?

for basic general knowledge, class B, test, there are 50 questions

How many questions are in a general knowledge test?

Anywhere from 10 to 100, but 20 is common.

How many questions are on the fccla knowledge test?


How many questions are on the air brakes CDL test for Illinois?

There is tipically 5 questions an answers on the air brakes test in texas. Every other test except "genreal knowledge" test has 20 questions an answers. The genreal knowledge test has 50 questions an answers.

How many questions are in the CDL permit test?

Well, there isn't a single "Class A CDL" test.. the written tests will include General Knowledge, Combination Vehicles, and Air Brakes (if applicable). You can expect about 20 questions per test, plus there'll be the pre-trip test and the actual road test.

How many questions must you get right to pass the Oregon knowledge test?


Is it easy to pass the permit test?

The test is very easy to pass if you just focus and have general knowledge, some questions you may have to know, but its an easy guess.

What is a knowledge test at the dmv?

A test of your memorized knowledge, also known as the written test. You answer questions on paper and then they are graded.

A short test of knowledge or a set of questions to be answered?


How many items in civil service exam in Philippines?

The civil service exam in the Philippines includes 340 questions which involve safety procedures and general knowledge about civil services. Studying is required for a test of this length.

What is meant by general test?

A general test may mean a test wherein an individual's general capacity is tested in several aspects / areas of knowledge / skill / understanding.

How many questions can you miss on the CDL Montana?

You must correctly answer at least 40 of the 50 questions on the Montana Commercial Drivers License ("CDL") General Knowledge test. If you drive certain kinds of commercial trucks or buses, you must take certain additional test - Air Brakes (25 questions), Hazardous Material (30 questions), Tank (20 questions), Passenger (20 questions), Doubles/Triples (20 questions), Combination Vehicles (20 questions), or School Bus (20 questions). Each of these special areas require that you correctly answer at least 80% of the questions in an individual test area.