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Since there is 9 square feet per square yard, if you have 240 square yards, then you have:

9*240 = 2160 square feet.

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Q: How many sqr feet is there in 240 sqr yard?
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What is the square yard of the room that is 13sqr ft x9 sqr ft?

Since there are 9 square feet in a square yard - the answer is 13 !

How many sqr feet in a room measures 37x40 feet?


231 sqr meter to sqr feet?

231 m2 is about 2,486.5 square feet.

How many square feet in 9 acres?

392040 sqr ft

How many sq ft in one shotangsho?

1 shotangsho = 436 sqr feet (approx)

What is 2125sqm converted to into sqr feet?

Answer: 2125 m² = 22,873.309 square feet.

13 by 22 feet room 19.50 per square yard?

Convert the feet to yards first. (3 ft / linear yard - 9 Square Ft in a Sqr Yard)13 feet = 4.25 yards22 feet = 7.33 yards4.25 yards x 7.33 yards = 31.2 square yards.The price is (31.2 square yards) x ($19.50 per square yard) = $607.50NOTE THATIf you don't convert the feet to yards first, then divide the 'cost per yard' by 9 to get the 'cost per square foot' to avoid errors.

How many sqr meter in one feet?

A square metre is a unit of area. A foot is a unit of distance. The two units are therefore incompatible.

How many square yards are in a 8 foot diameter?

Pi x D2 / 4 = area ft2 = 3.142*8*8/4 = 50.272 square yard = 9 sqr ft (3*x3) thus 50.272/9 sqr yrds in 8 ft diameter = 5.586

What is 6 sin 30 equals?

The sin of 30 is sqr(3)/2 so 6 * sqr(30) is 6 * sqr(3)/2 this is also 6/2 * sqr(3) which simplifies to 3 * sqr(3) which is approximately 5.19615242

One mtr equals to how many sqr mtrs?

You can't convert that.

The area of a regular pentagon is 600 cm Calculate the length of one side of the pentagon?

Area is not measured in centimeter units. It may be guessed that the question should have indicated the area in square centimeters.The area of a regular pentagon is given as:A = s * s * sqr(25 + 10*(sqr(5)) / 4Solve for s:s = 2 * sqr (A / sqr(25 + 10*(sqr(5)))Insert the area of 600 square centimters:s = 2 * sqr (600 cm*cm / sqr(25 + 10*(sqr(5)))s = aproximately 19.67 cm