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There are 144 square inches in a square foot !

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Q: How many square inchesare equal to 1square feet?
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How much feet in 1square meter?

10.76 square feet.

How many square feet equals 1square yard?

The answer is 9. 3 feet on a yard, square of 3 is 9. Exemple: 1800 square feet is 200 square yards.

How many square meters in 7ft x 15ft?

1square feet is a 0.0929m2 105 square feet is a x m2 x=105*0.0929/1 x=9.7545m

What is the floor area in square meters if the floor is 25 square feet?

25 square feet = ~2.32 m2 1Square Metre equals 10.76 Square Feet. OR 1Square Foot equals 0.093 Square Metre. The Imperial building 'Square' is 10 ft x 10 ft equals 100square feet, therefore to change aQ 'Building area GI en in 'Squares' you MULTIPLY by 9.3. Example a 20 'Square' floor area has 20 x 9.3 equals 186 Square Metre of flor area.

How many inchesare in 11 ft?

11 feet is 132 inches. (feet x 12 = inches)

How many square feet is equal 45 square meters?

45 square meters is equal to 484.38 square feet.

1 square meter is equal how many square feet?

1 square meter is equal to about 10.764 square feet.

How many square feet equal 1 square mile?

27,878,400 square feet equal 1 square mile.

How many feet will equal 17544 square feet?

A square foot is a measure of area. A rectangle 136 feet by 129 feet will equal 17,544 square feet.

How big is 80 square feet?

80 square feet can be broken down to equal 7.43 meters. 80 square feet can also equal out to 8.889 square yards. 80 feet will also equal out to 11,520 square inches.

What does 7x12ft equal in square feet?

84 square feet

How many square meters is equal to 3500 square feet?

3,500 square feet is equal to 325.2 (325.1606) square meters.