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12 ft is 4 yd, and 18 ft is 6 yd, so we have 24 sq yds.

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Q: How many square yards in a 12 ft x 18 ft area?
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What is the area of a square with a length of 12 yd?

A square with a side length of 12 yards has an area of 144 square yards.

How many square yards is in 18 by 12 foot area?

about 72 18 feet is 6 yards and 12 feet is 4 yards, so an area 18 feet by 12 feet is the same as an area 6 yards by 4 yards, 24 square yards.

How many square feet in 12 yards?

Square feet measure area, yards measure length. They are not comparable.If you meant 12 square yards, 9 square feet = 1 square yard...

How many square yards is 12 ft 12 ft?

The area 12 feet times 12 feet = 144 square feet.144 square feet are 16 square yards.

How many square yards needed for a 12x24 feet area?

12'x24' (288 square feet) = 32 square yards.

What is area of a square with a side length of 12 yards?

144 square yards

How many yards of carpet an area 12 feet Wide x 50 yards long?

The width 12 feet is four yards, so the area would be 4 yards * 50 yards = 200 square yards. You would need 200 square yards of carpeting to cover that area.

How many square feet of carpet do you need to cover a 12 foot by 18 foot room how many square yards?

The area in square feet is 216. The area in yards is 24 yard2.

How many square yards are in 10 feet by 12 feet?

There are 13.33 square yards in a 10 x 12 foot area. (13 1/3 square yards) There are 9 square feet in a square yard. 10 x 12 = 120 square feet = 120/9 square yards = 13.33

What is the length of rectangle with an area of 12 yards and a width of 3 yards?

"12 yards" is not an area. I must assume that you meant to saythat the area is 12 square yards.Then the length is 4 yards.

How many square inches are in a piece of fabric 12 inches wide by 12 yards long?

The area of a rectangle 12 inches by 12 yards is 5184 square inches, since 12 inches * 12 yards * 36 inches/yard = 5184 square inches.

How many square yards is 12 square feet?

1.33 square yards.

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